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7 Reasons to Become A Member

Being a member of the Huachuca 50 is more than a club, We work to promote the economic welfare of the Sierra Vista area by supporting the continuing development of Fort Huachuca. Become a member today and join over 25 years of protecting Fort Huachuca.

1. Supporting Fort Huachuca

Fort Huachuca supports over 18,000 soldiers, civilian employees, contractors, and families. It’s continued growth and development is essential to the surrounding communities; their families and businesses. Our enduring support to Fort Huachuca and the people who work there is one of most important roles we can serve.

2. Promoting Local Economic Welfare

The continuing development of Fort Huachuca and its largest partner, Sierra Vista, not only builds a strong community, but a strong economy. A stronger, thriving economy equals more jobs, higher incomes, and improved public services.

3. Stop BRAC

One of the largest threats to Fort Huachuca and its surrounding communities is the Defense Base Realignments and Closures or BRAC. Be a part of the team that will work to protect Fort Huachuca from the next round of BRAC.


4. Engage with Decision-Makers

The Huachuca50 has long held members who are and have been key leaders and decision-makers both on Fort Huachuca and in Sierra Vista. The Huachuca50 continually works with local, state, and national government officials to help build a strong community.

5. Be in the Know

Because of our direct relationship with key leaders and decision-makers, our members are often on the forefront of coming changes, challenges, and opportunities. Keep your business in the know, become a member today.

6. Support Water Conservation

A growing concern for both Fort Huachuca and its surrounding communities is water conservation. The Huachuca maintains a continued effort to work with the Fort Huachuca on water conservation and management issues.

7. Supporting our Military

We are proud to continue the legacy that has given Arizona a national reputation for supporting our military.