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BRAC Maguire Report – Final Complete 2008 The full 2008 Maguire Report View/Download
WRP WRP Military Asset List Fact sheets for all of the Services and the National Guard describing the history, missions, and importance of installations in the WRP region. View/Download
Legislation Executive Order 2014-02 Sustainment of Arizona’s Military Installations View/Download
WRP WRP Fort Huachuca Fact sheet for Fort Huachuca View/Download
WRP WRP Southeastern AZ and NM Project WRP Natural Resources Committee’s Southeastern Arizona/New Mexico Project View/Download
Legislation Sentinel Landscapes MOU Memorandum of Understanding between Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense and Department of Interior Establishing a Sentinel Landscapes Coordinating Committee View/Download
WRP WRP Natural Resources WRPS Natural Resources Committee Related Updates (January-February 2014) View/Download
Water 2008 USPP Overview Presentation USPP presentation to the Upper San Pedro Water District Organizing Board at their January 2008 regular meeting. (Large file) View/Download